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Cashews – Whole Large 240, Roasted, Salted

Whole, jumbo-sized cashews are lightly roasted with a touch of salt to bring out the full rich, buttery flavor and texture of the nut. Chock full of vitamins and heart-healthy fat, try cashews any time alone or blended with other nuts as the perfect snack.

Whole Roasted Cashews have a slightly scorched or brown look to them after being put through the roasting machine. The process not only removes moisture from the product, making them perceptively more crunchy, but also intensifies the flavour.


Cashew butts are the thicker portion of the nut, which have been cut from premium whole cashews, masterfully roasted in oil, then lightly salted to bring out that divine, buttery flavor. You can use these salted roasted cashew butts to spice up salads, spruce up your trail mix, or simply as a healthy snack. Each serving contains wholesome minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats that are good for your heart.

You can enjoy cashew butts any time of day. We use them morning, afternoon, and night by incorporating them into recipes that are already family favorites. Sprinkle some cashew butts into a stir fry to surprise your family with a new, tasty addition. Add crushed cashew butts to your favorite muffin mix, then sprinkle some on top before you put them in the oven for a fun garnish. Yogurt parfaits taste even better when one of the layers includes cashew butts.

Whether you buy roasted salted cashew butts in bulk or by the bag, you’ll be impressed by the lip-smacking freshness sealed in by the superior packaging. And thanks to our policy on superb quality, you’ll crack a smile in satisfaction every time you buy cashew butts online from us. Remember, you receive free shipping when you place an order of more than Contact us today to begin your order.


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